Top 8 Tips Warwick Castle

8 Best Tips for visiting Warwick Castle

Arguably one of the best family days out in the UK and located right in the heart of England, Warwick Castle is a truly world class attraction. It’s not however, one of the most budget-friendly days out in the country, unless you know what you’re doing. It’s also huge, so you need to carefully plan your day to get the most out of it.

From money saving tips to practical ways to fitting it all in, read on for our eight top tips for visiting Warwick Castle.

1. Making it into a minibreak

If Warwick Castle is a bit of a journey for you, it may more sense to make a two day trip out if it by turning it into a short family break (one or two nights stay, plus two day entry ticket to the castle, with the second day free). Accommodation options at the castle range from staying in the Tower Suites to a Kings Lodge to Glamping on site.

Staying in Warwick Castle accommodation is amazing, but can be costly. Luckily they also offer a number of combined packages with two days entry and accommodation with breakfast at a nearby hotel (such as a Days Inn or Holiday Inn) for well under £200 for a family.

A short break instead of a day visit offers a wealth of additional benefits as it means you get to do more of the castle and in less of a rush. It also means you get to have a good night’s sleep and a hotel breakfast before your second day AND it means you get a mini holiday with the family combined with your trip to the castle.

Warwick medieval castle from outside

2. Events

The castle holds exciting events throughout the year and if you want to make your trip extra special, it’s definitely worth looking on the events page and considering booking your tickets on one of these days.

The biggest events tend to take place during school holidays and half terms and are normally included in your ticket price.

3. Take a picnic

As you can imagine, buying food onsite at Warwick Castle doesn’t come cheap and in the height of summer you may end up queuing for ages and then sitting on a dirty or cramped table. It makes far more sense to pack a picnic and enjoy it within the 64 acres of beautiful grounds belonging to the castle.

Top picnic spots at Warwick Castle include the buzzing Central Courtyard and the quieter Peacock Gardens. If you plan on bringing a banquet fit for a king then you can leave it in a cool bag in one of the (non-refundable) £1 lockers by the Stable Car Park.

4. Be cash ready

Warwick Castle is home to two cash machines, however it is advisable to have all the cash you need on arrival. That is because the cash machines are run by an external company that charges for withdrawals. Plus the queues for the ATMS can get long in summer and there’s no guarantee, especially on a Bank Holiday, that they will have sufficient funds in them.

The gift shops and restaurants all accept major credit and debit cards but it’s advisable to take cash for water, ice creams and other small purchases.

Buying attraction tickets

5. Water and Snacks

Even if you’re planning on treating yourself to lunch in one of the castles restaurants or cafes, it’s still worth remembering to bring your own water and a few snacks to save money. Bring a lightweight but easily refillable water bottle.

6. Plan your day

Warwick Castle is one of the biggest in the UK and there are numerous attractions and features found throughout the grounds. This includes the Horrible Histories Maze, the Treacherous Trebuchet, The Time Tower and the Dungeons. It also includes the daily shows.

Go onto the Warwick Castle website a few days before your visit and check the timetable for the shows on the day of your visit (show times are subject to change, so when you arrive check again on the Daily Shows Noticeboard at the entrance). Draw up an itinerary of the day to make sure you include everything you want to fit in. Remember gates open at 10 am and close at between 4 and 6 pm (depending on the time of year). Get the most important things done in the morning so you can relax a bit more after lunch.

Warwick town centre from the top of castle.

7. Tesco Clubcard Entry

If you’re a Tesco Clubcard holder, you may be able to purchase your tickets using your clubcard points. These tickets apply to castle entry only (and not the dungeons). Remember that tickets for the castle must be bought through the Tesco Clubcard website and not the Warwick Castle website. These tickets allow you to queue jump too!

8. Keep your tickets in case it rains

Warwick Castle offers visitors a Rainy Day Guarantee. This means that if it rains for more than one hour of your visit, you can return absolutely free within 60 days. You will however need those tickets in order to claim your Rainy Day Guarantee.

Couple with umbrella rainy day UK


Warwick Castle really is one of the UK’s top must-do attractions, so if you haven’t been yet make sure you go before the kids get too old. Prevent it from being an expensive day out by remembering to pack a picnic and water and possibly even by booking tickets using Tesco Clubcard points. To really get the most out of your visit, plan each day carefully, turn it into a mini-break with a free second day and book your tickets to coincide with one of the wonderful themed events that take place throughout the year.

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