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Between May and September is the best time to visit Northern Ireland. You will have a stunning weather balance that fosters the growth of beautiful flowers, cool breezes and stunning green growth throughout the country. It rains there a lot though, so tourists are always recommended to carry with them their Burberry.

The most popular sights to behold are in the recently reincarnated ancient cities of Belfast and Derry. Other popular places to explore are the Bally Castle, the Armagh, the Bushmills, Belleek, Carrickfergus, and Castle Coole all of which feature stunning aesthetic beauty and rich cultural heritage and history of the Ire people. In Derry alone, there are over five restaurants, and three hotels worthy of visiting while Belfast treats tourists to an even broader selection of over seventeen restaurants and ten hotels.

Some of the best attraction suggestions favour both leisure and commercial tourists. The crown liquor salon should make an excellent selection for sampling the Irish way of merry making while visiting the Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House should be almost mandatory for any lovers of modern and ancient history and drama lovers.

Highly recommended for tourists is a visit the Ulster Museum or take a tour around the Linen Hall Library. It would also expose tourists to immeasurable pleasure to shop around the City Hall, climb Mount Stewart and hike in the popular natural reserve found at Glenariff Forest Park. The list of places to visit, cuisines to savour and activities to do is so long that without proper planning, one cannot possibly accomplish even a quarter of what average tourists do. Then, you would have to make one or two more organised visits to Northern Ireland; but that wouldn’t be too bad either.



Londonderry (Derry)