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England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland provide experiences for all interests from pre-history explorations to walking trips, glamour and fashion, the latest in popular and youth oriented entertainment and socialising. Cheap hotels and motels can help you experience all that and be a safe haven away from home.

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Get some reviews of hostels or motels you are interested in in the UK, especially London, getting a range of opinion; you can gauge better if it is not just one disgruntled customer. Motels in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are a good choice because you have the option of self-catering. Often hostels will have shared cooking facilities too.

London has cheap rooms to let privately but choose these when you are on the spot and can assess cleanliness, security and personality! London is heaven for a traveller; but where to start. Bond Street or Camden town, the Tower or Madame Tussaud’s? Superb eateries; England holds a fascination for travellers because it has attracted such variety especially in London.

Cheap accommodation in London may seem difficult to find at first but be aware of hostels attached to educational institutions in England that are not used in holiday breaks. You may get an excellent deal at one of these.

Low Budget Deals in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland

Wales offers beautiful beaches and mountains balanced by exciting Cardiff or Swansea nightlife, fascinating museums, Michelin restaurants, historical tours and sporting and outdoor activities.

Cheap hostels and motels for Wales can be found on general websites and through travel agents. Always check you have a working key or key card to get back in before you leave the building and keep your valuables with you or in the safe provided at most establishments.

Scotland provides for many tastes too; golfing, of course and so much more. The Friendly food outlets in Aberdeen, self-guided walks in historic Edinburgh, quaint shops, festivals of just about everything,Glasgow’s great atmosphere; Scotland provides it all including motels and hostels for your trip to the UK.

You must go to Northern Ireland to make sense of the UK and its history and to experience this moody, romantic place with its famous writers and poets, its mythology and music. In Northern Ireland, Belfast and Londonderry are must visits; Londonderry with its famous wall art is a ancient little walled city with a modern twist. The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a natural wonder you will marvel at.

Accommodation is best somewhere you can meet the locals, ever ready to have a crack: a laugh, good humour is everywhere in Northern Ireland.

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland: Enjoy!