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Well-known topics in Scotland include golf courses, whiskey distilleries, clan stories, mountain games, castles and iconic poet Robert Burns. A four-day literary tour includes places and people interested in Sir Walter Scott at Harry Potter, JK Rowling’s creator. Go fishing or choose to see wildlife while taking a trip in a mini-bus, camper or a rental car where you can see birds, deer and mammals. Hikers and horses choose routes throughout the country, catering to interests such as wildlife and history. Sports lovers can find adventure packages on land, water and air, including mountain biking, paragliding and rafting.

When you go to Scotland, it should depend on what you want to do. Edinburgh tends to be crowded during the tourist season, which begins in April and ends in September. You might think that the Scottish climate is quite cold because of its northern location, but that is not the case – winters are milder due to the warming of the Mid-Atlantic drift. Time is best from May to September, although the rainy days of the year occur in July and August. The eastern coast of Scotland tends to be dry west and is also the hottest place to visit if you want to be close to the coast.

Scotland’s visitors favor four distinct regions – the northern mountains; The islands of the west coast; The central cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh with its historical and cultural monuments; And the pastoral plains between the cities and the border with England. Visitors who are unfamiliar with the country often take organized tours with guides. Tourism authorities and private companies provide detailed itineraries for those who prefer a self-driving holiday.

Tourist packages that include transportation on board a bus or van and accommodation vary in length from a few days to two weeks. Edinburgh, Glasgow and the northernmost city of Scotland, Inverness, are popular starting points. Tourist packages often focus on a region; Others give a complete guide to the life of the town’s highlands and islands look. Edinburgh with it’s famous castle is the center of a three-night panorama for the West Highland line at Mallaig Harbor. Some tours include the collection of transatlantic flights.

The Royal Botanic Garden, located in Edinburgh, was founded in 1670 and has played an important role in biodiversity research around the world. The Scottish Seabird Center is much more open recently, by Prince Charles in 2000 and hosts a large variety of local birds, including seaweed and geese. Sir David Attenborough called one of the Twelve Wonders of Wildlife of the World.

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