A trip to Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool FC

Trip to Anfield Football Stadium

Planning for an exciting trip to Anfield ? Probably you have your match day ticket for Liverpool game at Anfield Stadium. If you are traveling to Liverpool City for the first time, you need to know a few things that shall make your stay comfortable and memorable apart from watching the Liverpool game live at the stadium.

Here, we provide an in-depth overview of the best places you can choose to stay, how to get around the town and some of the few places you can visit for site seeing before kickoff time. If you are visiting the city for the first time, you should consider acquiring a tour guide to show you around the town. You can easily find a tour guide from the list Liverpool’s excellent and most experienced tour guides.

Where Can You Stay?

Let us start by looking at what matters most – where to stay as you wait for the great football match. Anfield boosts of several five-star hotels that offer top class accommodation facilities to their clients. The prices per night are relatively cheap compared to hotels of similar standards in other towns across the UK.

The Sheil Suite is a five-star hotel situated approximately 1.7 km away from the stadium. With its proximity to game venue, you are assured of timely access to the stadium before the match kicks off. It offers top class services to its customers including an ample parking space, neat rooms with access to free wifi and heated water at your comfort.

In case you prefer to stay very close to the stadium, then you can book a room at Epstein House that is located 226 metres from Anfield Stadium – a three-minute drive to the stadium. The hotel has a 24-hour reception team providing you with an opportunity to check-in at any time of the day. Apart from the affordable room rates, you get to enjoy free parking, free wifi and a terrace view of the serene environment.

The other hotels that are situated close to the stadium and which are highly affordable regarding their charges include the Knowsley Hotel that is located 1.7 km away and the Breeze guest house that is located 2.5 km away along 237 Hawthorne Road.

Accommodation near Anfield Stadium

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Don’t Forget to Visit These Places!

Another thing you have to do when you visit Liverpool is to visit some of the most interesting places located in the city center. Liverpool is blessed with a collection of museums that you can’t miss to walk into and learn some fascinating history. The Museum of Liverpool was officially opened in 2011, and it has a rich history. The Museum is dedicated to the history of the city itself. It is well equipped with a sole aim of informing the visitors how the Liverpool port, the people and its industrial, creativeness and major sporting history has contributed the development of the city over the years.

On the other hand, the Albert Dock hosts some galleries and many other museums that you can visit at reasonable charges. The Merseyside Museum and the International Slavery Museum are all situated at Albert Dock. These two museums house rich history about how people, ships, and huge companies are connected to the port city.

On the far end of the town stand the garden village and the Port Sunlight Museum that celebrates the exceptional heritage of the enormous industrial landmark.

A fascinating place you can visit is the Liverpool Cathedral that is regarded as Britain’s largest Cathedral. It offers a spectacular space for relaxation. The temple hosts some events. Plan to catch one of the events hosted here, and you shall never forget that moment for the rest of your life. You may also consider taking a walk above the ground to the top of the Anglican Cathedral where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the entire Liverpool region.

Liverpool Albert Dock area

Beautiful Parks in Liverpool

Liverpool has some parks that fit well in your budget. Top of the list is the Sefton Park Palmhouse that is at the centre of the most loved and admired green spaces in the entire country. A 19th Century garden village is situated in Wirral. The garden village has been created solely for the Sunlight soap factory employees, and it shall be a privilege for you to experience the magical feeling of the village before heading to the Anfield stadium for the football match.

Lastly, find the time and visit the famous Echo Arena that is located in the heart of Liverpool city. The stunning building is a blend of the old and modern architectural designs done in an unusual manner. Since its conception in 2008, the Echo Arena has attracted the attention of famous people around the globe including Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, and Elton John. It is regarded as one of the ten largest and finest Arenas in the UK, and you can’t afford to miss the golden chance of snatching yourself in the inside of the Arena.

There are so many things to do in Liverpool on Sunday and Saturdays while you await that much. Make your visit to Anfield Stadium memorable by visiting some of the places discussed above.

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