Inverness 10 Budget Tips

Inverness Scotland: 10 Easy Ways to Save

Inverness is a great tourism destination for anyone hoping to visit Scotland. Located where the River Ness meet the Moray Firth on the northeast coast of Scotland, it’s the cultural hub and largest city of the Scottish Highlands.

The Victorian market which trades crafts, foods, and clothing is particularly one of the places that you can’t avoid visiting. Museums and art galleries portray the contemporary rich culture of Scotland.

Despite all the sceneries that one should look forward to visiting, you do not need a big budget to do so. There are various ways that you can implement to ensure that you visit most tourist destination and spend much time in Inverness while keeping your budget on a low, on your next visit. 

1. Explore the markets

On arrival at Inverness, you should ensure that you visit the local markets where farm produce is cheap and fresh from the farms.

To get a great bargain on your budget, you should always ensure that you buy the farm produce in bulk and that you buy just enough which will not go to waste.

2. Visit cheap restaurants

The notion that cheap hotels offer low-quality food is not always correct. To ensure you cut your budget on the amount you spend in restaurants, always try to spot hotels which offer decent food on their menus, yet at a considerable low price.

While in the restaurants, avoid incurring additional costs by drinking bottled water, but rather asking for tap water.

English Pub people drinking and eating
Inverness Restaurant

3. Eat and drink as you walk in the streets

A visit to Inverness will make you realise how the locals enjoy food and drinks sold in the streets. Your main aim is to spend the least amount on your visits, and hence, you should act as simple as possible.

You might as well try to avoid the expensive bars that sell drinks at exaggerated prices to non-locals. Buying some liquor from a street store and spending that precious time in open scenery marvelling at the beauty of the city will have a great impact on cutting your budget. 

4. Befriend a local citizen

Depending on your country of origin and the amount of time you are willing to spend in Inverness, you may encounter the problem of language barrier. Having a local who will teach you some of the basic phrases of English, and in exchange, you can teach him your local language over a cup of coffee or whiskey.

This will help you in saving for language lessons, and the local citizen might as well show you some of the cheapest places where you can spend a little amount of money for great deals on goods and services.

5. Book an independent guest house

If you are planning to spend much time touring Inverness, you might consider renting a small guest house where you only pay for the room. This will help in reducing the expenses of reserving a hotel that offers meals as you will be able to cook or buy food from the streets, according to your budget.

It will also help you in eliminating the need of using room services and as you can choose to do your laundry on your own.

The Quaich B&B in Inverness Scotland
Inverness Bed and Breakfast: The Quaich B&B

6. Shop with a local

In some instances, traders may try to sell to you cheap products at escalated prices if they realise there is a language barrier or you are clueless about the current market price. Having a trustworthy local citizen take you around in the cheap markets can help you save a lot on your budget.

In some cases, the locals know some of the places where you may get free samples or services. 

7. Use public transport

As a tourist in Inverness, you expect to move around the city most of the time. Using a can could be quite expensive in the long-term; while public transport, which is readily available, will see you spend much less on transport.

It’s also fun walking in around the town for long distances for exploration purposes, rather than using a cab or public transport. 

8. Travel at the cheapest time

Prices on flights vary depending on the time of the year and demand. You may consider travelling to Inverness when there are not a lot of people travelling there and flights are cheap.

Travelling on weekdays rather than weekends can also cut down the flight costs.

Airplane departing from UK airport
Air Travel

9. Fly indirect

If you are visiting Inverness and money is a factor that you would consider over time, using flights that land on multiple airports will considerably reduce your budget on travelling.

The bottom line is to save as much as you can on your next visit to Inverness and hence, you should not have an exaggerated trip that will leave you financially deprived. You should also be on the lookout for any free goods or services during your visit and take advantage of them. 

10. Carry out a research

The worst case scenario is going for a trip and running out of money before you really accomplish your mission. Before going on your next Inverness trip, it’s highly recommended for you to conduct a diligent research of the places that you are planning to visit.

At this era of digital technology, it becomes very easy surfing the net to get information that would help you in planning the budget. The best place to start with is looking for online review platforms where people who have visited Inverness have posted their views.

Some of these sites are discussion forums where you can ask questions and expect an almost instant answer, keeping in mind that you are looking for cheap places and services that you will on your next visit to Inverness, yet having an enjoyable trip.

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