Visit Aberdeen on a budget

Aberdeen 10 Ways to Enjoy on a budget

If you’re looking for a holiday that doesn’t break the bank this year, then The Silver City With The Golden Sands could be the destination for you. Not only is Aberdeen beautiful, peaceful and packed with fun things to do – it’s also surprisingly easy to enjoy on a budget.

Here are our top ten inexpensive ways to enjoy Aberdeen…

1. Spend Some Time In Beautiful Parks And Gardens

Aberdeen is packed with green spaces, most of them free to visit. If you’re here for a summer vacation, what could be better than a wander around Hazlehead Park or Johnston Gardens?

Alternatively, if you’re visiting Aberdeen in the winter, drop by Duthie Park Winter Gardens for some fantastic sights – plus their enclosed section of botanic gardens means that you won’t find yourself freezing your fingers off whatever the weather happens to be.

2. Check Out The Local Wildlife

While strolling along the beach you might just be fortunate enough to spot a dolphin out on the water – or perhaps even one of the many resident seals. If not, don’t despair – there’s plenty of great wildlife to be spotted in the city of Aberdeen itself.

Its two nature reserves make it a haven for birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts – and for any one in search of some undisturbed peace and quiet. 

Seal on the British coast

3. Take A Trip To The Beach

The beach always makes for a fantastic budget day out, and Aberdeen has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Just twenty minutes drive from the city, Balmedie Beach offers acres of clean, golden sand – as well as free parking and spots for barbecues.

Explore the dunes or take a stroll along the wide open sands. Of course, you don’t need to travel to enjoy Aberdeen’s coastline; even when you’re in the city Aberdeen Beach is practically on your doorstep, and well worth a wander.

4. Visit The University Museum

It’s hard to believe that this oft-overlooked gem of a museum is completely free to visit, but it is! Drop by at The University Museum to check out its extensive range of zoological specimens, including a stuffed Bengal Tiger.

Popular with the whole family, kids included, this is one ultra-cheap day out that shouldn’t be missed. Make sure to snap a photo with the gigantic woolly mammoth skeleton on display in the main hall.

Aberdeen University King's College building

5. Save On Accommodation

Whether you’re coming for a week or a weekend, you won’t need to splash out on accommodation when you come to Aberdeen. As well as several budget hotel chains, the city is home to a wide selection of discount bed and breakfasts and apartment options – many of which are superbly appointed and comfortable.

Search around and you should be able to find somewhere cost-effective and homely for less than £30 per night!

Cheap Accommodation in Aberdeen

6. Don’t Forget The Tolbooth Museum

Another excellent free museum in the middle of Aberdeen, this one’s not just for history buffs. Built into what was once a working prison, the atmosphere of the Tolbooth museum should be sufficient to give any visitor the shivers… while also providing a detailed and engaging look into Aberdeen’s past.

Keep an eye out for the preserved graffiti on the walls as you make your way up the winding spiral staircase. Best of all? It’s completely free!

7. Have A Drink In A Quirky Pub

It’s not necessary to break the bank for a great evening out when you’re visiting Aberdeen. The city is home to a plethora of tiny, quirky pubs that serve up cheap drinks in an warm and friendly atmosphere.

Try The Stag for a good solid traditional pub with plenty of interesting decorations to look at, or try out Under The Hammer (so named because it’s tucked away underneath an auction house) for a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and a huge range of drinks.

Pub in Britain

8. Visit The Fittie Neighbourhood

It’s not a long walk from the centre of Aberdeen to the Fittie neighbourhood on the end of the esplanade. This quaint little village makes for a charming walk, and is directly adjacent to the waterfront.

No visit to Aberdeen is complete without a wander around its miniature streets to soak up the blend of local history and modern life – and you don’t have to spend a single penny to enjoy it! 

9. Travel Smart

Aberdeen is a pretty simply city to make your way around. If you’re driving, the best advice is to leave your car in one of the city’s two free park and ride car parks and catch a bus into the centre. Once in the city itself you can make your way around easily enough by bus.

Purchase a weekly FirstBus ticket, and your transport for the duration of your visit is sorted. Download their app, and you even make further savings on top!

10. Check Out Groupon For Fun Days Out

If you fancy something a little different and more adventurous, Aberdeen still has plenty to offer – but some of the more esoteric activities (like giant football or golfing days out) can be expensive. That’s why it pays to check in with Groupon before you travel.

If you’re lucky you might just be able to swipe an absolute bargain to top off your weekend.