Visit Peterborough on a budget

Peterborough UK Budget Travel Guide

Peterborough is a great travel destination that you should consider visiting once in the UK. The cathedral city in Cambridgeshire is located 75 miles north of London, with the most of its topography flat.

There are various exciting places to visit in Peterborough, but your budget to visit all these places may be the limiting factor. This guide will you plan for your next trip to Peterborough and ensure you can at least visit the major tourist destinations while keeping your budget at the lowest. 

Getting there

There are various ways that you can get to Peterborough depending on your current location. If you are travelling from a different country, you may consider using air transport.

Peterborough airport provides both domestic and international carriers where visitors can get straight to the city from their foreign countries. Peterborough airport is located 5.6 km southwest of the city. You can use a cab or train to access the city from the airport.

For the people coming from the nearby cities in England, rail transport is the best option. There are various rail stations in Peterborough and you can alight at your desired point and marvel at the features of the city. Rail transport is relatively cheaper in Peterborough as compared to using air transport. This is one of the best ways to cut on your budget way before getting to Peterborough. 

Train travel on tracks
Train Transport England

Going around in Peterborough

Before getting to Peterborough, it’s advisable to check online for the cheapest hotels and book in advance.

This eliminates the hustle of hunting for hotels on arrival, which may be a tiresome thing to do considering the long travelling journey. On arrival at the airport, you can board a bus or a taxi that will take you to your hotel where you can freshen up before exploring the great city of Peterborough. 

On arrival at the city, you will realise that buses are the common mode of transport from one point to another. To cut the travelling costs of having to travel the city by bus, you may opt to walk. Since the city has a level topography, walking around the city is not tiresome, and it also gives you the exposure to witnessing the daily activities of the locals in the city. 

Peterborough has many companies offering cab services for people who may not be in a position to walk around the city on foot. A cab is also convenient for people who plan to tour the city in groups or at night when you need to go back to the hotel. Many of these companies offer 24 hours services and hence, moving around the town at any time of the day or night should not be a major concern. 

For the people who want to get sporty or enjoy cycling, there are various shops in Peterborough which rent out bikes at a price of about £35 per day. Many people who enjoy cycling may opt to use the available public means and save on the £35 since some may not be familiar with the traffic rules of UK. 

Affordable places to visit in Peterborough

A visit to the big city would not be complete without visiting some of the renowned tourist destinations.

Peterborough Cathedral
If you are looking to cut on your budget by visiting amazing places while in the city, the cathedral should be on your top list. The entry is free of charge as it relies on donations, where you get to learn some of the ancient histories of religion.

The building is open to the public and you can access the inside and marvel at the architect work used in erecting the magnificent place of worship. 

Peterborough Cathedral in Cambridgeshire England
Peterborough Cathedral

Ferry Meadows Country Park

Ferry Meadows offers something for everyone. In the park, you can enjoy horse riding, fishing, train riding, cycling or just take a walk.

The food and drinks in the park are relatively cheap and can be consumed by both the aged and kids. For £25, you can enjoy a sumptuous meal enough for two adults and two kids. There is also ample parking at the park if you wish to drive yourself there. 

Nene Valley Railway

This is a preserved railway where families go to have fun by riding on the trains.

To access, you have to buy a ticket which is sold at a cheap rate of £14.05 for adults, £7 for kids (3-16 years) and £11.50 for seniors on both weekdays and weekends. While visiting the venue, it would be advisable to carry packed food to minimize on the cost of buying food stuff in the city.


The next time you are visiting Peterborough on a minimum budget, you may consider blending in and acting as the locals. You can choose to eat food from the cheap, yet clean hotels available across the city as compared to eating from the expensive hotels which offer almost same kind of food.

As for the soft and alcoholic drinks, you may choose to buy from the store where they sell at a cheaper price for takeaways. This can make a good escapade where you can enjoy your drinks from the parks as you watch the sunset over the horizon.

Befriending one of the hospitable locals can also be essential in cutting your budget significantly as they are in a position to direct you to some of the cheapest joints for entertainment of sightseeing.

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