Norfolk Broads Boat Trip

Boating The Norfolk Broads – What to Expect?

If the idea of a water-based boat vacation in the Norfolk interests you, then the Norfolk Broads clearly suits your needs. You can only imagine the freedom of leisure days as you sail in the Norfolk waterways without any kind of lock in view. You will enjoy going anywhere you wish to with every day presenting an interesting new journey.

Visiting the Norfolk Broads will probably be the most exciting experience if you have never been there before. The initial trepidation of taking charge of the 30ft cruisers will not only give you a memorable experience but make you visit the place even more. For those who have visited the place before, the ease of taking charge of the 30ft cruiser is just amazing and incredible.

Taking a boating vacation has quite a lot to offer. Indeed, the Norfolk Broads is described as Britain’s magical water land. It is a place of attraction, delight and wondrously fascinating. It creates a truly memorable and unforgettable vacation that will be a pleasure to not only imagine but go for.

On your next boating holiday, if you choose to visit this charming place, you will be visiting a place that you must only have dreamed of and readily getting into the amazing experience of boating that many people admire. Much of the Norfolk Broads are certainly carved naturally, and cannot be accessed on foot or using a car.

The boating holidays will not only be about spending your time on-board but also through enjoying the zeal of learning how to boat around. It is only natural that you will desire exploring the stunning villages and the gorgeous establishments that are located on the Norfolk Broads’ banks.

Brograve Windmill on the Norfolk Broads

The Boating Experience

When you arrive at the boatyard, you will be required to leave out your luggage or any such supplies that you have along in your car as you head into the reception area. You will also be allowed to take your car close to the boat, although you may also choose to park the car elsewhere convenient enough for you.

Your first experience boarding the boat will be an exciting one. Don’t freak out! You will be guided on anything you need to know before you go on the boating journey. Everything that is essential for the boating experience is first shown to you as well as what to expect down the river.

Furthermore, many people will also help you with mooring or parking the boat or when tying the ropes, which is also excitedly fulfilling because you know you will not have to struggle with things you might not even know of. In essence, people around the Norfolk Broads are happy to help and guide even when you are tied up thinking of what to do.

As you boat on the Norfolk Broads, you will be fascinated with the wildlife who will usually be your incessant travelling companions. While drifting along, you will enjoy seeing the bitterns, ducks, and herons among many others.

You should also look out for the darting fish just below the surface and the unusually seeable swallowtail butterflies as they flirt from the reeds to the marshes.

Rowing boats at Filby Bridge on the Norfolk Broads

Well-maintained boats

The boats used for boating are also well-maintained and are simple to deal with. You are given a full guide or instruction as you arrive on how the boats and boating experience works.

Even new sailors, enthusiasts and the renowned sailors have a lot to enjoy when they go into the waterways. It is advisable that you remain keen, especially if you are a first-timer in boating.

boating on norfolk broads river


The cruisers or the yachts will make your vacation a great one. If you intend to find accommodation, in case you are staying at the Norfolk for a number of days, there are a number of accommodation offers just around which will satisfy your need.

You can find budget-friendly places to accommodate your friends or families if you are on holiday with them as well. It is probable that you carry out an initial search of the hotels and other accommodation details before choosing on any that suits your budget.


Norfolk has quite a number of places where you can find food. Apart from the nearby places, you can choose to carry your own food and leave in the car as you go boating, then come back later on to take your food. There are also a lot of other places you can walk to or drive to and get food.

Notably, there are also a lot of places where you can stop and moor up in case you need to explore or even call in at one of the plentiful Norfolk pubs as well as eateries. You can find cheap but suitable pubs and eateries around this area, which can help you cut on the cost of the vacation as you enjoy the boating experience.

So whatever boating vacation you are looking out for, you will probably have to decide on visiting the Norfolk Broads and enjoy the amazing boating experience. You can choose to go on holiday with your friends or even with your family.