Tips for Visiting Nottingham UK

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Visit to Nottingham

Planning a trip to Nottingham, but weary you don’t have enough of a budget to enjoy your stay in style? Think again.

In addition to a first-rate range of hotels and guest accommodation, this popular city has a whole host of exciting attractions that will engage, entertain and inspire visitors of all ages.

No matter how long you’re planning on staying, you’ll always find something to keep you occupied, with an eclectic range of activities and events on offer that will barely put a dent in your budget, if at all.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up with Your Choice of Hotels

Nottingham is a relatively large city, with numerous surrounding suburbs and outlying wards. Many first-time visitors will be tempted to head straight to the city centre to make their base during their trip, but bear in mind hotels in these areas will come with a premium price tag.

Even the most basic of hotel accommodation will command a much higher asking price than more luxurious alternatives only a matter of minutes outside of the city centre limits. If you’re in town for a while, consider moving your reservations around, spending your time between numerous hotels to yield big discounts from reserving all of your stay at just one place.

What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of first-time check-in again and again. Ideal if you’re looking to keep your trip to Nottingham feeling fresh for the entire length of your stay.

Nottingham City Centre in England
Nottingham City Centre

Explore the Rich History and Heritage of Nottingham

The Legend of Robin Hood isn’t just famous with locals, it’s beloved the world over. Everyone knows of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, not to mention the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham.

When you visit Nottingham, you have to schedule in some time to explore this fascinating aspect of Nottingham’s culture. Whether or not the man himself truly existed, there’s plenty of compelling evidence to consider.

Take little ones or fellow guests on a trail through Robin Hood territory, or browse local museums and exhibitions to discover more about this mesmerizing myth that has kept young and old alike fascinated for centuries. Guaranteed to impress all ages, many of the attractions geared around Robin Hood are either free or inexpensive, providing you with a budget-friendly option that can help pad out entire days of your break in Nottingham.

Statue Of Robin Hood at Nottingham Castle
Statue Of Robin Hood at Nottingham Castle

Enjoy Budget Days Out with Friends and Family

Although it’s one of the largest cities in the UK, you won’t be expected to pay the same premiums on everyday essentials as you would elsewhere in the country. In Nottingham, the cost of living is relatively affordable, meaning you’ll be able to wine, dine and discover without breaking the bank.

Ideal for those who like to dine out and pamper themselves when they vacation away from home, your budget is freed up to enjoy the best of everything. What’s more, Nottingham is host to all your favourite chain stores and dining establishments. Don’t forget to chase those tried and tested discounts and promotions to save when you indulge during your break, and make sure you’ve got all those discount and loyalty cards to hand before you pay your bill.

Brave the Great Outdoors

It might be an urban centre, but Nottingham lies in the heart of the synonymous county that’s surprisingly green when you venture a little further outside of the city limits.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, the county of Nottinghamshire offers you ample choice of outdoor pursuits, with gorgeous landscapes to hike through and marvel at, high-octane cycling trails and plenty of breath-taking sights in the historic acres of Sherwood Forest.

Planning a trip with little ones? Why not pack up a picnic blanket and hamper and head to Clumber Park for the perfect venue for a spot of al fresco dining. Not only is this a great way to idle away an afternoon on sunnier days, it’s completely free bar the price of your sarnies, meaning you’re budget is freed up for spending on other things.

Old Market Square Buildings in Nottingham
Old Market Square

Stretch Budgets to the Maximum with Free Days Out

Previously awarded the title of ‘Best Value City Break‘ in 2013, Nottingham is becoming an increasingly popular option with UK natives looking to explore more of home soil.

Many of the most popular attractions in the city are completely free of charge for all ages, including historic sites like Wollaton Hall, inspiring art venues like The Harley Gallery and the New Art Exchange, plus many more besides.

If you’re working with a threadbare budget, you won’t have to worry about limited options. Bear in mind however, if you’re driving into Nottingham and intend to use your wheels to get from A to B during the length of your trip, you’ll want to set aside some of your holiday budget for parking money. Parking prices in Nottingham aren’t all that expensive, but if your hotel is within the city centre limits and you’re rarely venturing too far from the urban centres of town, parking costs can quickly stack up.

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