Why Stay in St Ives or Newquay Cornwall ?

A Visit to St Ives and Newquay Cornwall

As a first time visitor in Cornwall UK, you may not be familiar with the towns you should visit or stay in during your trip. Cornwall is a county on the southwestern tip of England and can be described as a coastal region.

Regardless of your budget, there are many towns and villages that you can enjoy your stay and experience the amazing ambiance of the United Kingdom. The people in the towns are overly friendly and you will be sure to get guides to take you around some of the renowned places. The mood across the towns is always of making merry, and the businesses are always in operation.

You can expect to purchase some unique artefacts as well from galleries in the town as well as from traders who make unique objects for sale to visitors. The activities of fishing ensure a steady supply of seafood, with bars spread across the beaches for entertainment as you grab some of the finest drinks that the UK has to offer. 

As a visitor to Cornwall, you can go for a fishing trip with the locals and experience how they go about this main activity. Expect many craft workshops, galleries, cafes, fish restaurants and gift shops that you can enjoy their services at a cheap cost. 

Notwithstanding the friendly people in the region, there are various places in the town that one act as tourism attraction sites. Despite there being great towns that you can stay while in Cornwell, St Ives stands out as one of the best

Harbour view of St Ives in Cornwall

St Ives

St. Ives is a small town in Cornwall and lies west of Camborne and north of Penzance on Celtic sea’s coast. The landscape of the town is quite hilly and may not be suitable for parking your car. There are alternative cheap modes of transport that you can use starting at only £2 for a return ticket.

This hilly landscape gives the town a name for being one of the best places that you can have a full view of the beach and enjoy the serenity therein. While in St. Ives, there are many places that you would to visit and experience the culture, heritage and the socioeconomic activities in the area.

Porthminster Beach

A visit to St. Ives would not be complete without visiting the Porthminster beach. The white sandy beach is a convenient place to have fun and enjoy the ambiance of the coastal waves and clear waters of the sea. The knee-length waters on the shores of the beach are also an opportune feature that small children can enjoy.

The toilets in Porthminster are have kept spotlessly clean at all time, making them usable for even the small kids. Food and beverages are readily available on the beach, as you view the St. Ives harbour from the location. The fun is not enough for the kids without playing toys. You do not need to carry your toys from home while visiting the beach.

There are plenty of toy shops on the beach that you can purchase cheap toys for kids to play with on the beach. These toys are tailored for playing in the water or molding sand, games that kids can’t get enough of. For adults who love playing gold, there is a putting green nearby that they can visit while the kids play on the white sandy beach.

The train stop is right next to the beach, making it easy to travel, considering that it could be tricky parking your car on the hilly ground. 

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Porthminster beach in St Ives village

Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

A small museum and sculpture garden named after the renowned Britain’s sculptor, Barbara Hepworth, is a breathtaking location in St. Ives that visitors can’t help to recognise from the praises of the locals and those who have visited the place before.

The display of the sculptures portrays the advanced modern day craft work, with the workshop situated right in the museum. There are sculptures which are spread across the well-maintained gardens, complement the theme of the museum. Regardless of your tight budget, for just £10, you can get to enjoy the artwork of crafting sculptures from shapeless objects.

The sculptures are well captioned providing information behind their crafting for easier understanding without the need for a guide to take you around. Children get to enjoy the beauty of the museum free of charge. 

St. Ives Harbour Beach

St. Ives Harbour Beach is one of the most famous beaches in St. Ives due to the many features found there. The most notable feature you can witness is the golden sand and the wall that shelters the waters. When the tides are low, it’s easy to walk directly to Porthminster beach.

The activities of the fishermen going about their daily chores make the beach stand out from the rest. There is also plenty of cheap boat rides that you can use to move around the beach. St. Ives Harbour Beach provides great scenery for photo lovers where they can capture some of the amazing activities and vistas on the beach.


Newquay is also a great town to stay in Cornwall. Just like St. Ives, there are plenty of beaches to visit and enjoy some of the best activities like surfing, windsurfing, and kite-surfing.

Another notable place that you would like to visit while in the town is the Newquay Zoo. In the zoo, visitors get to experience friendly staff and unique animals and birds. Despite the small size of the zoo as compared to some of the renowned ones, the place is full of exotic animals, making it a good venue where both children and adults can spend their time in. 

Beach and cliffs Newquay England

DairyLand Farm World

While in Newquay you may opt to visit the DairyLand Farm World. Even if you are not a fan of farming, this venue provides great scenery where both children and adults can experience the modern day technology in farming, and play with the animals while still learning. There are plenty of activities to do there that it’s quite impossible to exhaust.

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Stay in the Countryside

For the adventurous people who prefer to stay in the countryside rather than in towns, there are many villages to choose from and experience the best Cornish fishing activities. Boscastle, Mevagissey, Mousehole, and Port Isaac are some of the villages that you will enjoy the serenity and the cultural activities by the locals.