Isle of Portland Cruise Port

What to do near Isle of Portland UK Cruise Port

Welcome to the Isle of Portland UK, a quite enthralling location to visit if you cherish vacation around the sea. It’s located on the Dorset’s Southern Coast, on the Southern England part and in the English Channel. If you’re looking to visit a part of Dorset that is exceptionally beautiful, then be sure to visit Portland.

Portland is wild and rugged and just 4 miles long, and the northern side offers wonderful views across the Portland Harbour and Weymouth. A narrow piece of land connects it to the mainland of Dorset, at the Abbotsury side. There is the Chesil Beach on this connection, also known as the Chesil Bank approximated to be about 29 kilometres in length.

Today it’s an amazing visitors’ site due to the exquisite beach ambiance as well as the intriguing beach experience that many tourists enjoy having a feel of while here. There are many activities that you will enjoy while visiting this part of England.

A cruise trip has become a popular option for travel as you get so much packed into the price – comfort, adventure, meals, entertainment and awesome relaxation. Big cruise ships also sail around this area, especially to the England’s South Coast which will be an exciting view if you are visiting this place for the first time.

fishing boats at Chesil Beach on the isle of Portland
Chesil Beach on the isle of Portland

A Leading Cruise Port Destination

Now, with the popularity of boat trips growing in Britain, the UK’s ports are jacking up their ship services and facilities so that departures are now possible from more than just the south coast terminals. Portland UK Cruise Port is one of these ports that has witnessed significant growth and in fact, they have received an award from Cruise Insight Magazine.

The award was for the ‘most improved cruise destination’ and this was for 2012 and 2014. It has now become a leading boat trip destination in the South West of the UK. The cruise port in England also has the reputation for being one of the most efficient and fastest growing ports in the UK. It enjoys an ever increasing number of ships and thousands of passengers and has recently unveiled a new £3m extended ship berth. This means it will now be able to accommodate larger ships of up to 340m in length.

Arriving by Cruise Ship

Being on the decks as the ship sails into different Bays as well as Portland Harbours is an amusing experience. On the Isle of Portland, you will see attractive features as you sail to different areas of the Isle. The backdrop of rising hills over the Eastern Bay end is quite stunning. The great mass of the Isle is not only exhilarates but also satisfies the desire to have a sight of this peninsula. It rises up to about 500 ft out of the sea, creating a spectacular view while sailing on the sea.

It is believed that the stones that you are likely to view on this peninsula are the ones that are usually transported for use in building the great iconic buildings of London. The St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the beautiful buildings that were built using these stones, and stands in London even after centuries. Not until you visit this place, you are unlikely to understand the magnificence that the beautiful view presents.

Enjoy as the ship docks at Portland Harbour, which is a considerably deep water port. Stepping ashore this port presents you with quite fascinating view of the Portland Town Cyer, a definite English custom port with certainly compelling feel of the region’ culture.

Couple on cruise ship deck watching sunset
Romantic day at sea

Passenger Pleasing Features

Apart from that, there will also be a free shuttle service provided by the port authorities. Also, the port is a popular stop for German cruise ships and these are met and welcomed by local German-speaking volunteers. They’re there to help visitors make the most of their time.

In keeping with ideas as what to do for cruise passengers to make their departure that much more memorable, it is advised that you be on deck an hour before ships sets sail, as the locals entertain you with the likes of the gun salute as well as a brass band. During a cruise, there is so much being provided to ensure never a dull moment.

When you visit the points of interest, there is always an experienced, certified guide to provide enthralling information on various sights on the tour. Nothing is set in stone either and you can look at the different tours and choose one that interests you the most.

Cruise ship in dock
Cruise ship in dock

What to look out for at Isle of Portland UK

Even if you don’t want to go on an excursion, that the best part about these ship ports – they provide all sorts of other thrilling alternatives.

This is the best place you could just come to simply explore the beautiful port. Choose to walk up to the Harbour by yourself. One of the most picturesque areas is of course the habourside, offering satisfying experience.

Portland Bill Lighthouse

Amazingly, the Portland Bill Lighthouse is also suitably located near an area you can walk to and enjoy the magnificent feature of the lighthouse. It is a stunning and favourably maintained piece of the maritime history. You will have the staff guide you in understanding every piece of detail you will want to know about the lighthouse.

There are compelling and breath-taking views at the top which will certainly make visiting this site a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Portland Bill Lighthouse in Dorset UK
Portland Bill Lighthouse

Portland Castle

If you are visiting the Isle for the first time, then the Portland Castle will be an appealing site. You will have a great time observing the small castle, with quite a lot of information to learn as you walk around the castle.

There are information boards that have a lot to give, and you can also choose to check information from every room or listen to the free audio guide that are available for visitors.


There are free shuttle buses to into Weymouth and you can spend the day exploring just what takes your fancy. There is also the open-top bus tour, allowing you to see fascinating aspects of Portland. The area around Weymouth is very rural and it is best to go on a guided excursion so you don’t somehow get lost and miss the ship.

Weymouth itself offers a load of things to do, and the harbourside itself allows you to while away a few hours in one of its many pubs and restaurants. If you just wish to sit and watch the world go by, the beach is a delight.

Weymouth Dorset beach and town centre
Weymouth beach and seafront

Radipole Lake Nature Reserve

Nature lovers with appreciate the Radipole Lake Nature Reserve which is managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and there are excellent facilities for bird-watching. If you want to be active, you may want to consider some of the splendid walking trails along the Esplanade and seafront to Lodmoor Country Park.

Bennetts Water Gardens

In keeping with what nature can provide, the Bennetts Water Gardens in the nearby village of Chickerell has a number of ponds with a wonderful collection of water lilies as well as other wetland plants. As with all venues, there are always those delightful cafes on site to enjoy refreshments.

The Jurassic Coast

Perhaps one of the contributing factors to the wonder of Portland Port is that it lies on the Jurassic Coast, which is a world heritage site. There’s a whole lot of natural ecosystems in this beautiful part and plenty of local attractions of which some famous castles and fascinating towns such as Bath and Dorchester form a part. Portland Port knows what to do for cruise passengers and they provide a 3-shot salute from the Nothe Fort Victorian Artillery Brigade.

Durdle door Jurrasic Coast in Dorset UK
Durdle door Jurrasic Coast in Dorset

Isle Portland Boat Trips

Take a walk along the seaside. As though you will not have had enough with being in the sea, the Isle Portland Boat Trips will satisfyingly offer you about 60 minutes of pontoon trip across the nearby locations and back.

Nature Walks

Nature walks are interestingly admired by many visitors coming to the Isle. You can take short but exciting nature walks from the Portland area, to the nearby areas such as the famous St George’s Church, all the way to the St Andrew’s Church and the Fancy’s Farm. Whether you are going to the place alone or with friends, or family, you are likely to find satisfying experiences for everyone.

Where to eat

There are bars, eateries as well as coffee shops around the harbourside from where you will enjoy quite a range of good foods and drinks. The hotels around the Isle of Portland have amazing offers on food, including sea foods, vegetables and others. You will find quick and happy customer service providers to help you choose what to eat.

Whether you would like to try the lobsters, crab sandwiches or just have a cup of tea or coffee, or even some drinks, the hotels and pubs around this place will definitely have cheap and easily accustomed food for you.

A Trip Freighted with Happy Memories

Always keep in touch with your ship company, as they will have precise details of on-shore excursions to local places of interest. Destinations vary by cruise so it’s worth looking at the details so that the trip you choose leaves you feeling revitalised.