Discover Exmoor NP without a car

Discover Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park offers a unique landscape of moors, woods, valleys and farmland, shaped by people and nature for thousands of years. A good budget that is not very cheap will help you get around the park without a car and have a nice location to stay.

Where high cliffs dive into the Bristol canal, and pubs and tea rooms offer delicious local produce. Exmoor is still able to find peace and quiet and rediscover your sense of adventure; to see wild deer, be amazed at the dark sky full of stars, and explore the villages full of character.
The park is a unique place made of people and nature for thousands of years and is recognized as one of the best landscapes in the UK.

Wide Heath Areas provide a sensation of remote and rare tranquility in the south of Great Britain. Spectacular views of the coast, deep wooded valleys, high sea cliffs and impetuous streams combine to form a rich and distinctive mosaic. It is a landscape that has inspired poets, writers, and artists for hundreds of years and continues to inspire people today.

Spectacular Coastline

The National Park has a beautiful and spectacular coastline, extending from Minehead east of Combe Martin to the west. This spectacular coastline, the highest cliffs in England, was one of the reasons why, in 1954, it was named Exmoor National Park. The built environment, single buildings, resorts, and settlements are part of what makes it so special as Exmoor natural beauty, wildlife, and lively communities.

Planning a trip has an important role to play in ensuring that new development is well designed and carefully positioned to contribute to the variety and quality of the landscape of Exmoor and offers homes and workplaces for its inhabitants. Exmoor National Park is a community of work and life where development is needed to ensure that the needs of the community, businesses, and visitors are met.

Pony and Wimbleball Lake Exmoor National Park

Explore the Park without a Car

Moving Exmoor National Park without a car is perhaps the best way to enjoy the iconic landscape and spectacular scenery of the area. Exmoor National Park is served by a number of different bus lines. With more than 985kms, the Exmoor route right is a paradise for hikers.

From distant paths like the South West Coast Camino, Coleridge Way and the Two Mori Street all Exmoor forest trails abilities have something for everyone. Free Car Rides section This site provides a series of guides to download and experience without the car.

Coastal path sign in Devon England


If you are an expert hiker or someone who prefers a short walk, Exmoor National Park is ideal for exploring the great open space on foot. With over 1000 km of trails and mulots through oak forests, along with the rivers and the fall through heather moorland, the variety is infinite.

Plan your adventure to explore this unique landscape. Some of the best long-haul routes from the UK go through Exmoor National Park. These well-planned and well-marked routes are ideal for exploring sections or as part of a long walking trip. Walk 51 miles in the footsteps of romantic poets through the beautiful Somerset and Devon countryside of Quantock Hills, Brendon Hills and Exmoor, a landscape that inspired Coleridge to produce some of his most famous works or 34 miles from Nether Stowey to Exford.

Where else if you have time can you walk along 630 miles of the coast so magnificent? Heritage, wildlife, geology and landscape along the way are really stimulating and every day brings new breathtaking experiences on foot. Whether you are looking for an afternoon stroll to take a beauty spot, or take the challenge of walking the entire Somerset Minehead path to Exmoor edge around the banks of Poole Port in Dorset.

The Two Moors Way (also known as the Devon coast to coast) is a long walking distance between Ivy Bridge on the southern edge of Dartmoor National Park and Lynmouth on the north coast of Exmoor National Park, largely Nomine except in the open sections of Moro. It has a total distance length of 102 miles (163 km), so it is a great week’s walk.

The Valley Way Exe is a long distance trail for hikers exploring the length of this stunning river valley. It is nearly 80km / 50 miles long, extending from the South West Coast Path National Trail on the Exe Estuary to Exford Village on Exmoor Highland National Park.

Girl hiking in National Park England


Exmoor has something new and exciting to offer cyclists of all interests and abilities. You can follow the footsteps of the professionals along the routes used by the Tour of Britain, explore off-street with an impressive network of mule track and trails or simply take a relaxing stroll along quiet roads and slopes.

Exmoor has a good reputation as one of the best places to ride in the country, including coastal bridges, beautiful moors, and wooded valleys steeply. More than half of the extensive public network fashion rights are classified as Bridleway, and there are numerous Exmoor stalls and maneuvers.

Horse Riding

Horse riding can be a great way to explore some of the more remote and wild areas of Doone Valley National Park. Planning has a vital and important role to play in ensuring that new development is well designed and carefully positioned to contribute to the variety and quality of the landscape of Exmoor and offers homes and workplaces for its inhabitants.