Budget Travel to Wales

Best Tips for a Budget Holiday in Wales

In winter as we’re in the middle of the worst weather of the year, it is common for people to begin planning ahead and reserve their holidays. There are so many fantastic places within the UK which can offer all of the joy of an overseas holiday, but at a fraction of the cost.

One of the UK’s most beautiful and interesting places to visit is Wales. Easily accessible from most of the UK – Wales has hidden gems in its natural beauty and heritage across the country.

Below we’ve listed some of our top tips when travelling in Wales, to help you budget and save on your holiday.

The time to travel

Firstly, it’s important you plan your trip to Wales at the cheapest time to travel. Either side of school holidays are usually when accommodation and activities are cheapest – supporting businesses in the tourist industry, outside of their peak season.

If you don’t have children, avoiding school holidays shouldn’t be an issue and even if you do and have to stick outside of term time – Wales is still a fantastic place to make your holiday destination.

October half term is another great time to plan your holiday when you can save 25-40% off peak season charges.

Getting there

Travelling to Wales is cheap – only an hours drive from Manchester and Birmingham and convenient on major train lines from across the UK.

Once in Wales, travelling by car is the easiest and most cost effective way to enjoy all the unspoilt natural beauty of the country at your leisure. Getting off the beaten track in a car cuts out the increased costs of staying more centrally in cities or towns where accommodation prices are higher.

Man driving car in UK

Cost effective

Staying in the UK means you will avoid the depreciation of sterling when travelling to Wales, avoiding being out of pocket when on holiday – unlike in many other holiday destinations.

Wales is also cheaper than most of the UK in terms of living, meaning essential commodities like food and petrol will be the same as the rest of the UK – if not slightly cheaper, so you won’t be in for any unexpected expenses during your trip.


National Trust membership offers you access to over 40 sites within Wales and free parking at a number of beaches across the country. Membership also includes access to Wales’ seven fantastic museums which offer world class exhibitions.

Wales also boasts 1,200 miles of cycle paths on the National Cycle Network – so if you can bring your bikes, it’s a great free way to get around, and bike hire costs are also fairly cheap compared to other holiday destinations.

Caswell Bay Gower Peninsual Wales

Get outside!

One of the greatest features of Wales as a holiday destination is all of the incredible natural beauty the country has to offer, which of course can be enjoyed for free.

Wales is the only country in the world which has a continuous path around its entire coastline. One spectacular feature of the coastline is to walk to the clifftops and watch the dolphins swimming in the water below. Mwnt is a particularly good area of the coastline to enjoy this.

There are so many great ways in which you can enjoy a fantastic holiday to Wales without breaking the bank if you follow our budget travel tips.

Tresaith Beach waterfall in West Wales