North West of England

North West

Are you planning to take a trip to England? If so, North West of England is the place to be. It is the heart of the industrial revolution and the home of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, ranging from forests, lakes and beaches. 

The area consists of the counties of Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire. Cheshire is mainly an agricultural land. North West England has a wide diversity in terms of dialects and people. The most common dialect in Lancashire and Furness is Lancastrian, and in Liverpool it is Scouse. On the other hand, the North and West Cumbria have the Cumberland dialect. In all these parts, there is also the North West English, which is a combination of the dialects that are common in the different counties. It is one of the most appealing regions in the country with its dynamic urban centres, iconic seaside resorts, historic town and beautiful countryside. 

The North West is one region that any type of traveller can be sure to find diversity. For music fanatics, the Liverpool and Manchester cities present enviable rock and roll pedigrees, and most joints are cheap to access, and sometimes free. Untamed nature is also there, especially in the Lake District and Yorkshire Moors. If you love the coast more, you can take your vacation in the flashy Blackpool or Scarborough.

With the many unique getaways in this region and the infectious energy it presents, there is an appeal that is too hard to ignore. Manchester, in particular, has a dynamic blend of culture and history. Lose yourself in the Manchester art gallery, explore the ever cheerful Oxford Street and catch the band at the academy.

Ideally, the North West region boasts an impressive architecture, great nightlife and unique places such as the Albert Dock area. In summer, you are sure to enjoy the pleasure offered by the beach with its buzzing seaside. The coastal highlights include England’s oldest seaside resort, Whitby and Scarborough. The region is certainly a bonanza of culture and nature.