Guide to Yorkshire & The Humber

Yorkshire & The Humber

The Yorkshire and Humber region is a wonderful place to visit, either on a short break or for a longer stay. Boasting beautiful countryside, many wonderful attractions and a warm local welcome, there is something here for all the family to enjoy, even if you’re travelling on a budget. Whether you’re planning a cheap trip or want to splash out on a more luxurious holiday, this fascinating area has plenty to offer. Find the best things to see and do in the Yorkshire and Humber region in this helpful travel guide. 

This is a diverse and lovely region of the country, offering a taste of everything from pretty seaside resorts to the wilds of the moors, and from remote villages to cosmopolitan cities. Whether you long for the bright lights and action or are seeking an away-from-it-all retreat, Yorkshire and the Humber can accommodate you. If theatre, shopping and non-stop entertainment are your thing, head to cities like Leeds and Shefield. Alternatively, if you long for a taste of days gone by, head to rural West Yorkshire and the village of Haworth, which has barely changed since the Brontes walked its cobbled streets. Fancy a traditional seaside holiday? Then Scarborough or Whitby are the perfect destination, or if you are looking for a break filled with history and art, head to the ancient city of York, or Hull, which has been named as the 2017 Capital of Culture.