Travel Guide Wales


Wales is not only a tougher version of England, or a more chic version of Scotland. This country, located in the rocky outskirts of Western Europe, is full of scenic charm on a relatively small area. A good budget but not very cheap will help you to travel to wales for a trip. You’ll find rolling hills, lush valleys, a rugged coast, old castles and a lot of opportunities to keep you busy with everything that Wales has to offer – both cultural and when it comes to cycling.

Take Velothon in Wales for example. For this spectacular competition, the roads are closed for traffic and the track goes through amazing and challenging terrain. It is the same route as the UCI European Tour professionals run.

As soon as you cross the border from England to Wales, you notice a difference in “attitude and culture between the two countries” according to the website Rough Guides Limited. And they are right. Here you will find a culture of deep traditionally-rooted roots, which becomes evident in that the Kymrian language is still taught in school and on bilingual road signs.

But Wales and its inhabitants are also very modern with lively student cities, cultural optimism, and with an attitude to include all visitors who are keen to participate – whether it’s karaoke, athletic activities or slot rounds.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales and the Velothon host, is full of attractions, entertainment, shopping, food and beverage, culture and an appealing clash of old and new, not just buildings. All of this is within easy reach because Cardiff is easy to get to. It is only a two-hour train journey from London.