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The UK is so exciting to travel to. There are many fantastic places to visit. The four nations that make up Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own distinctive regions, cuisine, customs and accents. Explore the glorious Snowdonia National Park in north west Wales, hunt for the Loch Ness monster in the Scottish Highlands, see the best and world-famous attractions in London or walk across the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

In general, the UK has a very good public transport network system especially in large cities like London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast. Train and coach travel are quite reasonable or how about hiring a car? Accommodation is widely available across the UK whether you fancy staying in a hotel, a B&B or a hostel. The cost of accommodation can vary quite a bit depending on what time of year you decide to travel. Naturally the summer months from June to the end of August are usually more expensive.

Historical cities, bustling towns, quaint villages and traditional pubs await you in the UK. There’s everything from beautiful countryside to the spectacular coastline, majestic mountains and diverse culture. For breathtaking scenery, spend some time in the fabulous Lake District in the County of Cumbria, England and to experience history, arrange a Scottish city break to Edinburgh. The seaside resort of Brighton is great fun and the small city of Bath is simply a delight. Isle of Skye in Scotland will take your breath away and Stonehenge is a must-see.