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UK and Beyond

There are lots of exciting travel destinations in the UK to enjoy. From the stunning countryside in the East Midlands to the spectacular beaches in Northumberland. How about the Highlands of Scotland and the green valleys of Wales?

What if you fancy a holiday destination outside the UK? In 2018 around 63% of Brits are planning a visit overseas with countries in Europe like Portugal, Spain, France and Greece proving to be popular holiday hot spots. Turkey and its turquoise coast is also a major holiday destination. With more than 300 miles of beautiful coastline and award-winning beaches like Kalkan, Alanya and the Bodrum Peninsula, it’s the perfect place to chill out.

For somewhere a little different, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Botswana attract many tourists from the UK. With direct flights from Gatwick, London, Africa is more accessible than ever before. Spend a day on a private safari where you may be lucky enough to see lions, leopards, wild dogs and elephants on an unforgettable holiday. These three African countries certainly offer a unique vacation.

The remote Andaman Islands are what dreams are made of. This awesome archipelago, located around 850 miles east of the Indian mainland off the Bay of Bengal, is ideal for scuba diving and diving. The 300 or so idyllic islands are surrounded by colourful coral reefs and impressive dive sites like those near Havelock Island.

Other travel destinations popular among Brits include the Caribbean Islands, Gold Coast, Australia, the US mainland and the Galapagos, Equador.