Travel Guide East of England

East of England

A trip to East Anglia with a cheap budget can help you to visit many destinations in the region. East Anglia is formed by the coastal counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, along with Cambridgeshire, and is a perfect destination for days, short stays and holidays at any time of the year.

There is a nice field, including the only Norfolk Broads, Brecks and Thetford Forest, and Constable Country, marked by the beautiful market towns and villages. In East Anglia, 500 miles from the coast, you will discover the vast sandy beaches, wavy cliffs, streams and salt lakes. East Anglia has the best bird watching in the country. Visit and you can experience a wide range of culture, avant-garde art, rich history and heritage, celebrations and dozens of attractions for the family.

Norwich is perhaps the best preserved medieval town in England, with a beautiful Norman cathedral and imposing Norman castle (which also serves as a museum and light art gallery). But it also has a fantastic nightlife, with theaters, pubs and nightclubs.

The Norfolk Broads is absolutely unique in the world, the result of the medieval peat digging for use as fuel that eventually submerged by elevating the sea level to create a series of lakes connected by natural watercourses. Ipswich has long had the largest collection of Constable works outside London, with over 30 works on permanent exhibition at Christchurch Mansion, resulting in a unique collection of Constable life and work.