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Folkestone, located in Kent, on the southeastern coast of England, is a port town that has attracted visitors for centuries. Close to the Channel Tunnel and the Strait of Dover, which separates the United Kingdom and the Continent, it benefits from a key location in terms of transport. Throughout history, the area was the port of entry for travelers or merchants visiting the country.

Eurotunnel, created in the late 1980s, opened the tunnel to the public in 1994, allowing people to cross the Channel with their car. Besides this strategic advantage, Folkestone also benefits from breathtaking surroundings, as well as a rich historical and cultural heritage. There is accommodation to suit all your needs and budget. Whether you need cheap hotels or charming budget-friendly Folkestone b&b’s with free breakfast, you will find the one that fulfills your requirement. Properties are well located within close distance of the Eurotunnel UK. Several feature family rooms, most have free car parking !

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What to so and see in the Folkestone area ?

folkestone hotel near eurotunnel ukThe Channel Tunnel obviously makes travel to and from continental Europe particularly easy, but the surrounding area has numerous other merits. First of all, the landscapes are quite admirable. Folkestone therefore offers a wide range of strolling and hiking opportunities, especially on the beaches and the Leas, one of its landmarks.

Walking on the promenade leading to the cliffs on a sunny day is particularly pleasant and provides some amazing panoramic views of the coast. A dream accommodation location would therefore be around this area, between the cliffs and the beaches, to enjoy a great dose of nature on a daily basis.

After a lovely walk along the coast, various activities await visitors in the city centre, especially around Old High Street, lined with shops, restaurants, pubs and cafés, as well as cultural venues.

Cheap hotels are easy to find in the town centre, making visits and transport easy and convenient. For families with children, some of them even include family rooms and free parking, which is a must if you are using or renting a car to explore the town and surrounding region.

Accommodation close to Rail Tunnel

place to stayWhen visiting Folkestone, accommodation options are numerous, whether it is in terms of budget, location or amenities. Depending on the type of holiday you are planning and what activities you would like to indulge in, some areas are more convenient than others.

If you are coming from France via Eurotunnel or planning on crossing the border through the Channel Tunnel after your stay in England, you may want to stay near the train terminal. Cheap hotels with a parking are ideal and allow you to enjoy a peaceful, stress-free stay in town. The Eurotunnel UK is located near Folkestone, and have it’s own motorway exit at junction 11A of the M20.

For nature lovers, choosing your accommodation near the coast and the cliffs is a must, as you will enjoy extraordinary views first thing in the morning and right before going to bed.

A place with family rooms located by the shore would constitute the perfect option if your little ones are taking part in the trip. Old High Street, in the town centre is another possibility worth considering, as it is surrounded by everything you need to create a memorable stay, from shops to art galleries, restaurants and museums. If art is your thing, the Creative Quarter sounds like the perfect spot for your hotel.

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Main Town Centre Railway Station

Main train station ?

Folkestone Central railway station is the primary rail hub in town. Frequent trains run from the station to central London arriving at London Victoria and London Charing Cross stations.

There are also direct rail links to St Pancras Eurostar station and Ashford.

Coaches connect the town on a regular basis with London Victoria Coach Station.

Eurotunnel Car Passenger terminal

Car passenger terminal from where freight vehicles and cars travel via the Channel Tunnel to Calais/Coquelles in Northern France.

Where can you find this town in Kent England

Where is Folkestone ?

Distance to

Dover Ferry Terminals and cruise port can be reached in 20 minutes drive, which offer ferry crossings to France.

London international airports are the nearest major airports. Southend is the closest one.