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You will definitely fall in love with the famous Bournemouth seafront at a first glance. If you’re eager to explore England’s south coast and discover the particularities of its largest resort town, then this seaside town is definitely a great pick for you and your family.

Truth be told, nothing can recharge your batteries faster and better than some quality time spent with your loved ones by the sea, in a beautiful location. If you want to explore England’s endless string of attractions and create more than a few unforgettable memories under the hot summer sun, it may be a good idea to start looking for cheap hotels in Bournemouth.

There are plenty of reasonable priced hotels available here. Several boasts stunning seafront views, feature a swimming pool, and are located just a few steps away from the sandy beach.

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Seafront – Why Stay here ?

seafront hotel in bournemouth dorsetBefore 1810, when this resort paradise was reinvented by its founder, Lewis Tregonwell, this region was a plain old deserted heartland that only managed to capture the attention of smugglers and fishermen.

At this point, this area is known as a prominent regional and tourist centre much-appreciated for its cultural legacy and also for its endless list of leisure activities and fantastic entertainment options.

If you need one more reason to book one of the many affordable hotels, some have family rooms, available here, spend some time on a pristine beach, take a prolonged sunbath, sip an umbrella-adorned cocktail and explore the tumultuous nightlife of a truly extraordinary British resort town, you should know that most Bournemouth residents are the happiest people on the planet.

A recent survey conducted by First Direct indicates that 82% of all the respondents who live in this town are extremely happy with their lives and would never consider relocating to another region. After all, what’s not to love about Bournemouth?

Somehow, this town manages to please all its visitors, by giving them access to four major art galleries and three venues for conferences and concerts (BIC, O2 Academy and Pavilion Theatre).

Also, Bournemouth appears to be one of the most exotic and versatile European resort towns that never actually sleep. Bournemouth hosts numerous types of annual festivals that attract both locals and enthusiastic tourists who are craving for new experiences.

The Arts by the Sea is a very popular festival representing a well-balanced mix of music, literature, theatre and film. The well-known Bourne Free event is a fun carnival organized in this region on an annual basis. The Bournemouth Food & Drink event is a 10-day festival encouraging both visitors and residents to check out a rich market offering a great variety of fresh goods; guests can also attend live cooking shows.

Budget Places to Stay

bedroomLooking for cheap hotels by the beach? If so, you’ve come to the right place. All in all, Bournemouth gives all tourists more than a few great reasons to come back and tell an incredible story about their stay here.

If you’re willing to spend anywhere from 40 pounds to 56 pounds on one of the many family rooms available in this area, you could book a room at The Cliffeside. This three-star hotel will offer you unlimited access to amazing, decently priced accommodation options.

Also, if you’re a big fan of the beach and are crazy in love with the unique Bournemouth seafront, Premier Inn, Carisbrooke Hotel and Touville Hotel are only three other options that you may want to factor in.

There are approximately 120 excellent hotels located near Bournemouth. With just a little bit of help from us, you can find the right one for your summer holiday and spend more than a few delightful moments in an exquisite resort town preceded by its reputation.

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