Difference between apartments and aparthotels ?

An apartment and aparthotel have many things in common.

  • both are self catering
  • equipped with a kitchen
  • some have washing machines
  • one or two bedrooms, or more
  • suited for longer stays
  • convenient for families and larger groups
  • available for both short-term and long-term stays
  • apartments and aparthotels are usually significantly cheaper


Apartments are generally not serviced and self contained.

Unlike a hotel room, an apartment is equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette and a living area. Rooms range from smaller studio apartments to two- or three-bedroom apartments, which offer a separate living area, a kitchen, one or more bathrooms and separate bedrooms.

When you are travelling with more than 3 people in your group. Apartments will save you money. The cost of an average apartment will be less than the price of a double room in a hotel.

Aparthotels (or apartment hotel, extended stay hotel) are self catering, but serviced establishments. They provide the same services and benefits as a quality hotel. It’s actually a small apartment within a hotel.

Aparthotels gives you a home away from home, with hotel services. It’s not an hotel, and not an apartment, it’s somewhere in between. They usually have an en-suite kitchen with cooker and fridge.

They are often run as a hotel, have a day or 24 hour reception, and are usually smaller than apartments.

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